We specialize in short term sales projects
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ABOUT Gary Evans

You'll find Gary Evans, lead consultant at JobBoard-MarketMaker, personable with an entrepreneurial spirit. He's been in sales and marketing all his life from selling garden seeds door to door when he was 8 to more recently being Director of Marketing for large job boards. Gary started selling on the internet about 23 years ago when most people knew how to search and send email on Yahoo, but that was about it. Marketing is Gary's passion and sales are his calling card. In the Myers – Briggs personality test is an ESTP...

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Why Consult With Us?

Job Board Market Maker
With over 23 years of experience in sales and marketing, consult with us to see your profits grow.

JobBoard-MarketMaker provides consulting services for Job Boards of all types and is unique because we don’t sell products that misrepresent themselves or products that we don’t believe in.

consistent business generator

"Gary is a strong, self-driven and consistent business generator on a telephone..."

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capitalizes and maximizes early trends into dollars

"I've enjoyed  my talks with Gary sharing our insights in the rapid shifts in business on the internet.  Gary is very good at early developments on the horizon and often leads in..."

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SERVICES Complete Marketing and Sales Consulting

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Finding What Makes Your Company Unique

We really get to know our job board clients and we take pride in maintaining great relationships. There are a few things we'll need from you to get started.

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StaYing Connected

We are always available via phone, skype & IM to consult with you.

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Our track record with other job boards have resulted in stellar growth. Read more about our results in "Why Consult WIth Us."

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Hands on and friendly consulting.
Perfect for any size job board.